Impact Wrestling’s current television home has been dropping the ball recently. This is an understatement in a lot of ways.

In the past several weeks Pursuit Channel has opted not to return from commercial break for the last 25 minutes of the show, they didn’t air the correct episode another week, and last week they had another little glitch where someone pulled up Google Chrome window in the middle of the screen in the control room.

It might not be that hard to find a better channel than Pursuit Channel because they’re not really performing. As Konnan spoke to Wrestling Inc he was quite clear about the company’s aspirations to find a better television home.

“First of all no one can get the channel and second of all it’s a hunting channel.”


“It doesn’t matter how good you are if no one is watching you. And that’s a problem because we’re real good right now. …No one can really see it unless you get it on Twitch and a lot of people don’t wanna go on Twitch.”

“So, I think them looking for a better platform, which I think they will find, will help image-wise, morale-wise and people will be watching a really good product.”

“Just about anything…you could be on MTV3 and that would be better than being there. The place they are going is substantially better.”

Hopefully, Impact Wrestling will be able to find a better television home because they really deserve it. Their roster is incredibly talented, but they can’t seem to find a proper platform to perform on. Maybe the tides will change in the Fall.

Felix Upton

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