WWE Raw Results – June 17, 2019

Roman Reigns makes his entrance in Los Angeles. We see highlights of Shane beating Roman at Super ShowDown. Reigns will face Drew McIntyre at Stomping Grounds on Sunday.

Roman says Super ShowDown was not a good week for him. He isn’t here to make excuses though, because excuses don’t entertain anyone. What does entertain people is him whooping ass. So he invites Shane down to the ring to face him one-on-one tonight.

Shane appears on the Titantron and says he has some business to take care of before he leaves. He makes Mike Rome introduce him before saying Roman shouldn’t be ashamed at losing to the best in the world. Dash and Dawson say it was really hot, so Shane says they call him Mr. Farenheit. He says he won’t be coming down there to face him. He should be a lot more concerned about Sunday, when he faces Drew McIntyre. The Scottish psychopath says the only reason he isn’t out there right now is because of Shane. He says he will physically assault Roman until its very uncomfortable. Then he might pin him. But that won’t be the end of the night, because he will disfigure Roman until his kids are terrified of him.

Roman then leaves the ring and makes his way through the crowd towards the back, meanwhile Drew is mentioning that Roman is in Hobbs & Shaw, so fans should see it before he’s disfigured. Roman is met by Dash and Dawson, whom he punches and throws into a garage door. Roman finds Shane’s office and walks inside, where he  hits Drew before slamming Shane into a wall. Roman lifts Drew and slams him through a table, before chasing Shane back into the arena.

Shane hops the barricade but Roman leaps over it after him and lands on Shane. Roman beats McMahon around ringside and tosses him into the ring. Roman hits the Superman punch, followed by a spear. He grabs the microphone and says “crawl to the back, and tell Drew I’m gonna whoop his ass on Sunday.”

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Peyton Royce and Billie Kay come out and make fun of their opponents, saying they aren’t a real team or worthy. They say Alexa is a former Champion, and compare her to Lebron James; was a Champion until he joined the Lakers. They say the only people in LA with bright futures is them because they are iconic.

Cross and Bliss make their entrance. Bayley comes out to watch the match – meaning Bliss is a babyface and a heel, all at the same time. 

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Women’s Tag Team Championship Match

(C) The IIconics Vs. Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss

Billie Kay starts against Alexa Bliss. Bliss slaps her, so Kay pulls her down by the hair. Bliss takes her down and stomps away at her. Peyton Royce tags in, and Nikki Cross is brought in. Cross takes her down and goes for a cross-body block, but Royce moves. Kay tags in and strikes at Cross.

Royce tags in and applies a chin lock before whipping her down for a two count. Cross fights out, but Kay pulls her back. Kay kicks her and knocks her down. Kay then knocks Bliss off the apron.

Bliss and Bayley come face-to-face and the Goddess shoves the Champion. The IIconics double-team Cross and, while Bayley pulls Alexa off the apron, Royce rolls her up for the win.

Winners: The IICONICS

After the match Alexa attempts to explain to and console Cross.

The Firefly Fun House is next!

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We’re back in the Fun House and Bray is gardening. He says our minds are like gardens; they just need a little water and sunshine to make your ideas grow. Some ideas are like worms though, and that’s not good. He says throughout your life people will lie to you. He says he bets your parents told you the Earth is round, but they haven’t travelled around it. And he bets your teachers told you dinosaurs are extinct. Wyatt says he knows different. That’s why he built this place so they can all be together. All of the Firefly Fun House characters come out. Wyatt wants everyone to join them where the fun never ends. All the characters say, “Join us.” Wyatt says people worship what they fear, and fear is power. He says, “Follow the leader”. and then get a super creepy montage of the muscle man dance song playing in different styles, like pop and metal, while we see clips of scared kids, abandoned places, worms, and Bray’s alter ego, The Fiend. Bray appears in the mask and growls, “let me in”.

Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan are backstage with Charly Caruso. She asks if Bryan is ready for this aggressive Seth Rollins. Bryan asks why nobody has had the common sense to just take the chair from Seth. That doesn’t matter however, because they’re going to be in the ring with rules, and he is not as good a wrestler as Daniel Bryan. He says the one thing Seth has never done and will never do is beat him.

We see Seth walking backstage and he stops beside Becky Lynch. They smile and nod at each other before walking the opposite way.

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Seth Rollins Vs. Daniel Bryan W/Erick Rowan

The match gets underway and Bryan gets a side headlock and takes Seth down. Seth uses scissors to escape and takes Bryan down with a side headlock. Bryan shoots Seth off to the ropes but gets hit with a shoulder tackle. Bryan then tosses Seth from the ring and looks for a suicide dive but Rollins punches him. Rollins follows-up with a springboard knee that knocks Bryan from the ring. Seth hits a suicide dive, then looks for a second but Rowan grabs him and slam him on the apron, forcing the DQ.

Winner Via Disqualification: Seth Rollins

Rowan starts attacking Seth in the ring and Bryan hits the running knee, but for some reason The New Day come running down and attack Bryan and Rowan. Followed by Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, then The Revival, and The Uso’s. Leading to a big brawl and The Uso’s hitting dives over the ropes. Eventually referees come down and separate everyone and say that the match will be restarted but nobody will be allowed at ringside.

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Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins

We return and the match gets underway. They run and attack each other. Bryan tosses Seth high and over the ropes to the floor. Bryan then throws Seth into the steps before getting him back inside.

Bryan hits a running dropkick in the corner, followed by a second. He looks for a third but Seth catches him with a huge clothesline and both men are down. Seth whips Bryan to the corner but D-Bry flips off and over him, ducks a clothesline, and hits the ropes but runs into a slingblade.

Rollins stomps the band and superkick Bryan but misses The Stomp. They exchange pin attempts. Bryan connects with a huge European uppercut, leading to a striking exchange. Seth looks for an enziguiri but Bryan ducks it and grabs an ankle lock. Bryan literally transitions from an ankle lock into a German suplex and Seth rolls from the ring.

Bryan goes to the apron and hits a leaping knee to Seth. Bryan throws Seth back inside and goes up top. Seth hits Bryan on the ropes and climbs up with him. Bryan headbutts Seth, knocking him off, but then Seth leaps back up and hits a superplex and looks for the falcon arrow but Bryan reverses into the LeBell Lock. Seth tries to reach the ropes but Bryan twists his free arm behind his neck. Seth gets his foot on the rope to force the break.

Bryan kicks Seth in the chest repeatedly, then the head. Bryan takes to the corner and looks for the Running Knee but Seth grabs him and hits the Buckle Bomb, followed by a superkick for a near-fall. Rollins goes to the top rope and looks for the frog splash but Bryan catches him in the LeBell Lock again. Seth counters with a pin attempt but Bryan kicks out. Rollins hits an enziguiri, followed by The Stomp for the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

That was an awesome match that makes me want a proper feud between those two. Rollins makes his exit up the ramp but Corbin attacks him from behind with a chair. Rollins rolls down the ramp and Corbin hits him again. Corbin lays in another shot and puts him in the ring. Corbin hits the End of Days to Seth and holds the title.

That’s it for tonight’s Raw. Maybe it’s just me but I thought that was the best in a long time. Let us know what you thought and we’ll see you back here tomorrow for more news and results. Until then, safe travels.