Scarlett Bordeaux Groped By Fan At AAA Show — Issues Response

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Scarlett Bordeaux was recently violated in a big way at a AAA show. She was going about her business in the match when suddenly, she was pulled back by a fan who thought he had the right to put his hands all over her. This was not part of the show and now The Smoke Show is responding.

This all went down at AAA Conquista Total Gira 2019 event in Cancun, MX. Bordeaux took to Twitter when the incident went viral and had a response.

It is NEVER okay to touch a performer without their consent. I didn’t realize what happened until I watched the footage afterwards being so in the moment after a dive with my back turned otherwise I would have reacted much differently. Thnx to @LadyShaniAAA for having my back

This should have never gotten this far, but thankfully Scarlett had someone who could break up this situation.

Hopefully, this never happens again, but this fan might have gotten off easy because under many other circumstances he could have caught a severe beating for that kind of stunt.

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