Matt Riddle was very quick to jump online and bury Goldberg after WWE Super ShowDown. In face, he was throwing out the big insults even during Goldberg’s match with The Undertaker.

There is some real heat between Riddle and Goldberg that apparently goes beyond Goldberg blocking Riddle on Twitter. There is some contention between the gimmick Goldberg has and why he wanted to be in the business in the first place.

Bryan Alvarez explained on Figure Four Weekly that Matt Riddle doesn’t appreciate Goldberg’s intentions in the pro wrestling business nor does he like the fact that Goldberg always touted himself as an MMA character.

“This is what I was told about why Matt Riddle doesn’t like Bill Goldberg. The way it was explained to me was — and this is not a defense of Matt Riddle because I don’t think he should have tweeted, and I’ll also defend Goldberg afterwards — Matt Riddle has two great loves in his life. One of them is professional wrestling and one of them is mixed martial arts. In his mind Goldberg is a guy who made millions and millions of dollars and did not love professional wrestling and he also had a gimmick where basically he pretended to be a mixed martial arts fighter which he was not. These are apparently the things that really bothered Matt Riddle.”


It was noted that there could be more reasons other than those main two as to why Riddle isn’t a Goldberg fan, but that seems to sum it up.

So they weren’t working for a future match because Riddle legit doesn’t like Goldberg. It might be interesting to see Matt Riddle step in the ring with Goldberg, but that’s not looking likely at this point.

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