Vince McMahon Can’t Tweet Anything Without Fans Telling Him To Retire

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Vince McMahon is in charge of WWE, but some fans would certainly like that to change. It seems that The Chairman can’t tweet anything out without getting trolled in a big way.

The cries for McMahon to retire are there whether he’s congratulating The Rock or wishing Bayley a happy birthday. It is quite apparent that the WWE Universe is ready to see someone else in charge.

It’s not that Vince needs to give up everything completely, but to loosen the reins a little bit and allow others’ creative input without him being the final say-so might end up being very beneficial in the end.

We’ve spent some time looking through McMahon’s Twitter timeline and pulled some responses which you can see below. This is just a sampling as well because each one of his posts is filled with fans telling Vince McMahon that they’ve had enough.

The biggest question is who runs his Twitter account and is he actually paying any attention.

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