Chris Jericho has done a lot in his pro wrestling career, but even though he’s played the bad guy before there is nothing like a the current heel Jericho.

There was a big rumor that Gedo stepped down as head booker of NJPW at Dominion, but that isn’t true. However, that rumor could have been started because of the way fans reacted to Jericho’s insane heat.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that he was contacting people in NJPW when he heard the news that Gedo was no longer head booker, but it was 3:00 AM in Japan. He did hear back from one person who was able to debunk the rumor entirely.

It is still interesting how a rumor that Gedo quit NJPW at Dominion got started. He theorized if it could have been the crowd’s reaction that caused people to think this was happening. Because NJPW hasn’t seen many shows like Dominion which ended with a heel cutting a promo on Japan and insulting them.


“I didn’t see any frustration with [Gedo] anywhere. Was there frustration with Dominion? I think there was some because there was some uncertainly about how to read the booing at the end — they’d never had that before, but that is what they were going for.”

It was also noted that another thing that might have hurt Dominion’s close is the fact that they had Tetsuya Naito and Kota Ibushi dropping each other on their heads, especially Ibushi. Then Chris Jericho and Kazuchika Okada were expected to go out and have a much different match without those crazy risks.

Jericho attacked Okada afterward and then Hiroshi Tanahashi jumped the railing to run Y2J off and hopefully set up Jericho’s next NJPW feud. As Tanahashi led a beaten-up Okada out of the arena, the fans didn’t get their usual post-match promo from their champion and it caused them to boo. Instead, they got a heel promo from Chris Jericho talking about how Japan sucks before he called Okada a bitch.

Some people might have read this crowd reaction the wrong way and sensed that it was a reception pointed at Gedo’s booking and not the chain of events started by Chris Jericho being a fantastic heel and ruining the show.

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