There is a report going around that Gedo stepped down as head booker for New Japan Pro Wrestling. This would be big if it were true, however, Gedo reportedly has not stepped down from the position he’s held since 2015.

Uproxx received a reaction from NJPW who called this a “crazy rumor.” So there is nothing to the idea that Gedo is gone from NJPW or has stepped down. However, Bryan Alvarez had a very interesting idea to share on Wrestling Observer Live about what might have actually taken place.

“I don’t know that there’s any truth that Gedo has stepped down, but I have heard people speculate that it is possible that New Japan has moved to more of a committee-type thing for booking and Gedo remains on the committee, but he’s not the head booker. Once again, this is 100% speculation by somebody.”

“So it is possible and that is why this story came out that he is no longer the head booker, but he is still part of the team.”

We should know way more as time goes by. Eventually things will come out in the wash as they always do, but some of NJPW’s future booking could be attributed this change if it did occur.

However, it might be a while until we notice anything different since Gedo was said to have stepped down before the Dominion event.

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