Batista’s last run with WWE was a very interesting one and it included one promo that everyone wants to hear again. Because Batista wanted Triple H to give him what he wanted and he kept saying it over and over again.

That promo might have spawned a hundred memes, but Dave Bautista recently revealed to Chris Van Vliet that the whole promo was actually the result of forgetting their cues.

“It’s weird because we got somewhere in that thing it was supposed to be that, but we didn’t really figure it out. We didn’t talk about it, it wasn’t written out so there were certain things we were looking for in that promo and there were certain things I hadn’t said so he kept dragging it out and I wasn’t sure what it was so I had to keep escalating. Because once I went there I couldn’t go back so that’s why I kept screaming it louder and louder and I’m waiting for his cue and he’s waiting for my cue and we just weren’t getting there.”

“Then it just dawned on me that I need to say something in that promo. I can’t remember exactly what it was, but year that’s why it got like bigger and bigger — it wasn’t intentional.”


It’s interesting to know how that popular promo actually happened. Maybe if they would have went out there with more of a plan we wouldn’t have gotten one of the most memorable parts of the entire build to WrestleMania 35.

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