CM Punk has the door wide open for him to take part in AEW, but that doesn’t seem to be on his things to do list right now. The Second City Savior hasn’t been quiet about AEW, but he’s remained just distant enough to make fans wonder if he will eventually arrive.

If this recent tweet is any indication of things he will be disappointing any fans who want to see him arrive in All Elite Wrestling on August 31st for All Out.

Tony Khan wanted CM Punk to start pro wrestling company well before The Elite was in the picture, but that doesn’t seem to be changing his mind. One fan tweeted out asking Punk if he will be disappointing fans once again by not showing up with AEW and he had a very simple reply.



AEW might have included some red stars in an All Out graphic much like the ones associated with CM Punk, but that could just be a tease because they are in Chicago.

It doesn’t seem like Punk is any closer to making an appearance in All Elite Wrestling even if All Out will be in his hometown.

CM Punk might have put on mask so he could do a run-in and a quick GTS before hitting the bricks, but it doesn’t appear that means he’s any closer to wrestling for AEW.

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