Chris Jericho Claps Back At Fan Accusing AEW Of Being ‘WWE Lite’

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Chris Jericho has a lot of opinions, but his go-to response recently has just been to tell someone to go ‘f*ck your ass.’ This seems to be doing the trick in a big way.

One fan recently stated that AEW might not want to become “WWE lite,” but they are. Then some examples were given to support this theory.

“As much as I love @AEWrestling, it has to be said… @AEWrestling: “We don’t want to be @WWE Lite”. Also @AEWrestling: Signs @Perfec10n and @JonMoxley in less than 1 month. Also trying to recruit @CMPunk. Umm yeah… plus they got @dustinrhodes, @CodyRhodes, @IAmJericho…

Chris Jericho read this statement and he gave it a little bit of thought before replying. However, he didn’t have the response that this fan account was probably looking for.

“Wow you’re a genius! Now go fuck your ass…”

AEW is looking to put on Elite wrestling shows and that might include bringing in some former WWE Superstars. There are also some WWE Superstars that AEW probably wouldn’t be interested in. Therefore, they aren’t discriminating.

However, to say that AEW is going to be “WWE lite” isn’t fair either. Because if you look at the roster the amount of performers who have never worked for WWE far exceeds those who have.

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