Velveteen Dream has a lot to say and he usually picks very interesting ways to make his opinion known. This is no exception.

Fans who were cruising Dream’s Instagram stories this morning noticed that he put up a big heart with his girlfriend Cathy Kelley’s name as well. Then the next few slides were even more interesting.

Velveteen Dream recently updated his Instagram stories to provide his own explanation of WWE’s booking as he sees it. Along with some visual illustrations, Dream defended Vince McMahon and put all the blame on the Superstars for not playing the roles written for them.

“Let’s play a game


Is it fair to critique Vince? I mean after all WWE is a form of entertainment. You do know WWE is a TV show?

Right?!?! WWE is a TV show put on cable and Network TV. By who you ask? Answer: Vince McMahon

Evil Boss (On Screen) & Director of his TV show’s (Off Screen)

Raw, SmackDown, 205 Live, etc…

George Lucas directed Star Wars. Vince McMahon directs Raw, SmackDown, 205 Live and he’s directed everything else you’ve watched from WWE over the last 40 years. Yes John I am sure.

Point is: When TV sucks it’s because of the actors and entertainers and stunt men FAILED to entertain you.

Vince can write ALL DAY it’s your ‘favorites’ that have to make it entertaining.

Star Wars was great in the 90’s too! The new ones suck because the new actors SUCK. And yes this is still a WWE thread.

Game over. I meant dream over.”

This post might not be viewed very well in the locker room especially with such a growing number of Superstars counting down the days until their contract is over. Some might even go on Talk Is Jericho for a little shoot interview because they have a lot to say.

Velveteen Dream’s words might resonate with some Superstars, but it’s a pretty safe bet that others might have a huge problem with what he said. You still have to give him a ton of credit for being so bold yet again.

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