WWE Superstars and crew are back from Saudi Arabia, but not all of them have the best memories of the event.

We previously reported that some have described the entire scene as train wreck. Now another WWE producer is proving his take.

WWE producer Temarrio Thomas posted a few very interesting notes from his time on WWE’s trip to Saudi Arabia. Apparently, the flight was memorable and “some people are legitimately crazy and it shows.”

After they got back from the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, Thomas tweeted out saying that he knows what it feels like to get hit by a truck. Then he considered just throwing his clothes away that he brought with him on the trip instead of washing them because of the smell.


This is really about to be the best flight ever for so many reasons

Some people are legitimately crazy and it shows

A few days ago I said that was gonna be the best flight ever for so many reasons….

Is this how it feels to be hit by a truck?

I just got my clothes from Saudi ready to wash and it smells like I should just trash them all lol

You might actually know this guy without realizing it as he was the fake Big E on SmackDown Live a few weeks ago. Apparently, Saudi Arabia was a very eventful journey.

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