Kazuchika Okada defended his IWGP World Heavyweight Title against Chris Jericho in the main event of NJPW Dominion. This was a brutal battle that told yet another brilliant story from two masters of the squared circle.

It was interesting that Chris Jericho didn’t come to the ring to Fozzy’s “Judas” song like he has in the past. There has to be a reason why they made this change and it likely has to do with rights, but that is even more curious considering the fact that Jericho’s band performs the song.

Jericho was a natural heel the whole time and taunted the fans every chance he got. He also did his best to avoid Okada’s offense by any means necessary to get even more heat.

Y2J took things outside where he nailed a DDT on Okada while on top of a table before getting his own spare table from under the ring. They ended up leaving the table outside after teasing a powerbomb before the action returned to the ring.


After wrestling for a bit in the squared circle, they went back outside where Okada went for a dive over the barricade, but Jericho landed a Codebreaker on the outside to nearly win the match via count-out.

Jericho was aware of Okada’s dropkick and didn’t want to get hit, but the champion soon found his mark with a shotgun dropkick to the corner only to get hit by yet another Codebreaker for a near fall. They battled on as Okada hit a Codebreaker of his own for a two count followed by a spinning Tombstone.

Jericho locked on a Walls Of Jericho which he transitioned into a Lion Tamer before Okada was able to get free. Jericho tried for a Judas Effect which Okda blocked before YJ2 ducked a Rainmaker and tried for a Codebreaker and then Okada rolled Jericho up for the win.

After the match was over, Jericho beat Okada down with chair shots before hitting a Judas Effect. He wrapped Okada’s head around a chair and ran him into the steel ring post and prepared to put Okada through the table, but Tanahashi jumped the barricade and broke it up.

Jericho was not happy at all as he declared that “The Pain Maker never loses” and “Chris Jericho is the greatest of all time even in this bullsh*t country of Japan.” Then he wished Okada a happy championship, “bitch.”

Tanahashi led Okada off and the crowd booed because the post-match attack meant that the champion could not address the crowd before leaving.

This was not the way the fans expected this evening to end, but Chris Jericho appeared to have made a big point in the process.

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