Sheamus hasn’t been seen on WWE television since WrestleMania. His Bar tag team partner Cesaro was switched over to Raw and given new gimmick. However, we haven’t seen anything out of The Celtic Warrior for months.

Rusev commented on Sheamus saying that he’s in great shape which is true, but he still hasn’t made a return to the ring just yet.

Dave Meltzer was asked about Sheamus’ current situation during Wrestling Observer Radio. At this point Sheamus isn’t slated for a return yet which is actually becoming something that we might need to worry about at this point.

“Yes he’s out and I haven’t heard about a return, but hopefully soon. The longer you’re out the more scared you get.”


Sheamus was able to wrestle with spinal stenosis for far longer than most would be able to. He keeps himself in peak physical condition and trains extremely hard to maintain that shape. However, he might not be around for a bit.

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