Talk is Jericho Recap w/ Dustin Rhodes – Refusing to Face Cody Again, How Sexuality Made The Goldust Character Work, Thinking He Killed Roddy Piper During Backlot Brawl, More!

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Jericho welcomes Dustin Rhodes to the show.

Rhodes informs that the stars aligned for him and Cody at Double or Nothing. They had a terrific match and it was probably the greatest moment of his career. He notes that he was very nervous leading into the show but when he got in the ring and heard the fans reacting to everything he did, he became super focused on the task at hand and it was like they could do no wrong.

He notes that the heavy blood during the match might have been a bit extensive, but it added to the drama. After blading he realized he had cut deep and there was blood shooting everywhere. A few moments later the bleeding wasn’t stopping and he got worried, but after 15 minutes of bleeding he knew he’d be okay.

He informs that every time he and Cody pitched this match in WWE they were told that it wasn’t a big enough match for the big shows. Dustin knew in his heart that with the right story this match would sell. Finally the time was right now in AEW to tell that story.

Dustin pitched the match to McMahon for WrestleMania one year but it ended up happening at Fastlane. The match was not good and neither he or Cody were happy with it. They were just kind of thrown into the ring with no story and the match suffered because of it.

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