Killer Kross has a big future ahead of him with Impact Wrestling, but there was a recent report that he requested his release. That is apparently not the case.

Kross reportedly asked for his release from Impact Wrestling over pay issues. They apparently offered him more, but he turned that down as well. Now he is speaking out, but he’s not saying much except for he’s very angry about it.

MultiMediaMouth had a chance to speak with Kross during Starrcast and he had a lot to say about the reports that he wants out of Impact Wrestling.

“I’ve chosen not to talk about it, reason being because there have been inaccuracies that are in that article. Quite frankly, I’m very fucking angry that that article has surfaced, and that’s all I’m allowed to say about that. I’m not happy about it.”


“My end game, to be completely honest with you, is to be financially secure enough to take care of my family and wherever that can happen is exactly where I belong. I’ve been very, very happy being in Impact Wrestling, I’ve been very vocal about that over the last year. I’ve been having a blast. I have a lot of freedoms there that probably wouldn’t be afforded anywhere else. So there’s a level of gratitude there that’s priceless that I never take for granted.”

“However, in regards to Japan, I’ve been dying to get there and go there. You can tell by my ring work, outside the character presentation stuff, that I have a lot of Japanese influences.”

Killer Kross might have some big plans after leaving Impact Wrestling, but he’s not out the door just yet. Who’s to say what part of the report was correct about him requesting his release? One thing we know for sure is that he’s not a happy camper about it whatsoever.

Thanks to 311 for the quote

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