Kurt Angle Says AEW Can’t Compete With WWE

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Kurt Angle is a WWE Hall Of Famer and after signing a new deal with WWE that allowed the company to restrict his outside appearances he was pulled from Starrcast. However, that didn’t seem to play into his opinion about AEW.

During a recent Facebook Q&A, Kurt Angle was asked about AEW. He doesn’t think that AEW will be able to compete with the monster that is WWE. However, he also thinks that All Elite Wrestling will still do “very well.”

“AEW will do very well. BUT, it’s not WWE. WWE is a monster. It will be fun to see how this pans out. I’ve seen companies in the past attempt to make a run against WWE. WCW was actually neck and neck. TNA was not able to compare, but they had a great run with amazing talent, and TNA was a solid #2. AEW has some amazing talent as well, but WWE is so global, I don’t think anyone will catch them. That’s my opinion and I could be wrong.”

Kurt Angle has seen a few companies come at WWE’s top spot and fail. He was even a part of TNA when they made their attempt to challenge WWE. However, there seems to be something different about the alternative AEW is offering so far.

Only time will tell how we will be talking about both companies in a year from now, but there is a very good chance that both will still be in operation and they will hopefully be making the pro wrestling landscape even better.

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