AEW and WWE are supposedly competing for the same market share. Some might think that there aren’t enough pro wrestling fans to go around. However, that might not be the case.

All Elite Wrestling pulled in some impressive numbers with their estimated pay-per-view buys already, but those who are WWE faithful might not be interested at all.

Dave Meltzer had a very interesting statistic to share on Wrestling Observer Live about the kind of audience members that are watching both WWE and AEW. As it turns out there isn’t that much of an overlap when considering a certain portion of fans.

“I got one thing and this is not in the Observer [Newsletter] of the people who bought Money In The Bank on pay-per-view, okay. So this is people who don’t have the Network and are still buying shows on pay-per-view and there are whatever it is 15-20,000 people who still do that in the United States, maybe more but probably in that range… only 6% bought Double Or Nothing.”


“So the point of this is Double Or Nothing drew an audience that is completely different — well, far more different than a WWE audience than any of us imagined. So it was not WWE fans sampling this… I mean there are exceptions, but this is not WWE fans sampling this on pay-per-view it was mostly people who whether you say they’re lapsed WWE fans or new fans or whatever it’s a different audience than WWE so they’re drawing from a different audience.”

The sampling of 20,000 fans might not seem like that big of a number, but major studies have been conducted with far less participation. It certainly provides an interesting picture of the kind of fans that AEW is bringing in.

You also have to take into account what kind of person still drops money on a WWE pay-per-view when that much could pay for months of the WWE Network. However, it is still something to consider when thinking about this new wrestling war that seems to be emerging.

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