When AEW’s Television Show On TNT Is Scheduled To Start

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AEW will be on TNT in the fall, but an actual first show hasn’t been announced yet. However, they are making plans without announcing anything official.

TNT will be a great home for AEW and will provide them with a lot of exposure. It appears the company is leaning toward a Wednesday night show at this point and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the new show is slated to begin in October.

This is an interesting start date for AEW because October is the same month WWE is moving SmackDown Live to Fox on Fridays. However, as we previously reported Fox isn’t 100% sure this will be a long-term spot for WWE on their main network.

WWE reportedly knew which day of the week AEW was planning to choose which is why they are presumably placing their new FS1 WWE themed talk show on Tuesday nights to oppose an eventual AEW show.

If AEW decides on Wednesday then this could go against WWE’s supposed plan.

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