AJ Styles’ Current WWE Injury Status

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WWE is currently missing AJ Styles. He is said to be out of action with an injury, but how legit is his injury?

AJ Styles told fans that he has an injured back. However, this is all reportedly part of the show.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that although it would appear that AJ Styles is injured that is not the case. He will be out for about a month and while he could certainly use the time off this is all done in line with the current story.

We were just told all of this is part of an ongoing story but Styles being out of action impacts part of that story. Styles is expected out of action for about one month

Even though Styles did have an intense match at Money In The Bank against Seth Rollins it did not cause any injury. He is simply enjoying some time off which was very likely one of the perks as part of his recently re-upped contract.

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