Jon Moxley is no longer in the confines of WWE, but during his final run with the company an angle was teased between himself and Nia Jax. This gave him a lot of cause for concern that the company would bury him on the way out.

As he told Talk Is Jericho, Moxley didn’t let a lot of people know that he wasn’t planning on leaving the company. In fact, only a very select few knew that he was aware of.

“About an hour before the show a producer came up to me saying there’s been some additions.” This is when Ambrose was told that he would stay in the ring after the commercial break and he would have a confrontation with Nia Jax.

This is when Mox started to “get hot” because of those changes to the script.


“I’m like yes, let’s talk [to Vince] because now I’m getting hot. I’m totally cool with taking a bump for Nia, I did it. It’s 2019. She’s a very powerful woman. She did great in the Royal Rumble the night before. If this existed outside of me leaving that’s a totally different conversation.”

Moxley said that only a very select few people knew that he was leaving WWE at that point and those people were the only ones who were involved in the final script alterations that night which is when Ambrose’s segment with Nia Jax was added.

“So it’s like once it gets down to the super secret meeting with only the people who knew I was leaving that’s when this mysterious new addition comes in and it really felt like a middle finger and my skin was hot and I’m like ‘Let’s go talk to Vince.’ So I start storming toward the production meeting and Johnny [Ace] is following me and I go storming right up the middle of the production meeting room and [Vince] immediately gets up and starts gathering his stuff and goes ‘Oh my office, my office’ and I’m like, ‘yes, let’s go to your office.’

“So we sit in his office and he starts babyfacing me and he says ‘I understand you gave your notice and thank you so much for everything’ and I say I guess we’re doing this now so we have our talk or whatever and by this point he’s trying to justify it in his mind and I told Carrano that the day I knew I was leaving was the day I got the shot and I think he told Vince that cause Vince goes, ‘I heard you were unhappy with something about the shot thing we did I wish you would have told me I didn’t know we had these problems.’ I’m thinking in my head like ‘WHY THE F*CK WAS I IN YOUR OFFICE THEN?!’ I went storming in there and said ‘what is this?’ like I do all the time how do you not know?! Of course you knew!”

“He’s gotta make it all okay in his mind, like ‘I didn’t know’ — you knew. You’ve known for a long time.”

Moxley said he was still trying to “babyface Vince” and things got emotional, but he took that opportunity to say everything he wanted to say because had been having this conversation in his head for months.

He told Vince McMahon that every Monday he gets physically sick and he doesn’t know what kind of goofy nonsense that script will have each week. Vince said he wished he would have known, but he did know. Moxley couldn’t live with some writer coming up with words for him to say when they don’t even know him.

“I’m trying to be like you know, ‘Yeah I just need to get away for a while’ cause I’m hoping that he just writes me off TV that night. He goes ‘oh we’ll just finish you up at Mania’ whatever. He said ‘we’re not going to bury you on the way out’ — I said ‘actually, it’s funny you should mention that because that’s why I stormed in here because it looks to me like that’s exactly what the f*ck you’re doing.”

Vince McMahon said that writing an angle between Ambrose and Nia Jax had a plan behind it. However, all Mox heard was “we’re burying the f*ck out of you, blah, blah, blah, we’re burying the f*ck out of you.”

Eventually, Dean Ambrose did what he needed to in order to wait out his contract’s expiration, but WWE still worked him until pretty much the last moment they could.

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