Chris Jericho Drags Mark Fans Who Don’t Understand Why AEW Exists

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Chris Jericho refused to work the Starrcast show, but he had a very good reason for being upset. Still, some fans think it was about the Starrcast event and seem to be missing the point. It is a good thing that Jericho is happy to clear things up.

One fan was upset about getting cheated out of a front row raffle for the Talk Is Jericho live podcast at Starrcast. Then Jericho fired back explaining that it had nothing to do with Conrad Thompson’s event because it had to do with “a bunch of marks who don’t understand” that AEW exists only for Y2J.

This has nothing to do w @StarrcastEvents. This is my decision alone because I didn’t get my thank you last night. Why would I come hang around a bunch of marks who don’t understand the reason why @AEWrestling exists in the first place? Eff off.

Jericho also commented that his cardboard stand-in did a better job at Starrcast than anyone. This is another great move for Y2J as a heel in AEW and it makes the idea of their upcoming show on TNT even more exciting.

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