Jake Roberts is known for his exceptional ability to cut psychological promos and get under the fans’ skin when it’s his job to do so. This notorious gimmick almost saw The Snake take a .22 caliber handgun’s bullet back in the day.

Sting revealed during Starrcast that he was once wrestling Jake “The Snake” Roberts at the Dallas Sportatorium when a kid jumped up and he was packing heat.

“The only Jake story I can tell you is wrestling him in Dallas and I believe it was the old Sportatorium that the Von Eriks [ran]. We wrestled in there and I was so new and green and he had me in this hold and we were just laying there and I’m going ‘What are we doing? What are we doing?'”

“He goes, ‘We’re in a hold, we’re in a hold just relax’ — ‘Why? Why are we just laying here’ Because there’s something going on in audience right now. He goes, ‘They’re watching that they’re not watching us.'”


“Turned out we thought there was a fight or something, but was a kid, a young kid, a teenager with a .22 and he shot two rounds into the ring trying to kill Jake. No one got hit. No one ringside, not me, not Jake. It was amazing. We got shot at. A lot of people don’t know that. Jake had heat too.”

It’s a good thing that teenager was a bad aim because things would have been much different if he would have been able to hit either pro wrestling legend.

Sting has encountered his fair share of close calls in pro wrestling, but getting shot at is a totally different kind of experience.

H Jenkins

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