Baron Corbin Thanks His Haters By Showing Off Expensive Toys

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Baron Corbin is one of the most hated members of the WWE roster. A lot of fans have compared his rise to WWE’s dwindling ratings, but it doesn’t seem to bother him.

Corbin entered NXT with a fair amount of cash already since he came in from the NFL, but WWE soon became his bread and butter. He loves to draw heat and shows no signs of that slowing down at all.

In a message while showing off his overly expensive watch and car Corbin thanked his haters for making everything possible. This was certainly a big dig at those people who resent the fact that he’s still playing such a prominent role in WWE.

I just want to say thank you to the haters. You make this possible!

This is likely to just make people even more angry at the fact that Baron Corbin is still receiving a top spot in the company. His haters might need to get used to seeing him around because Corbin is booked for a Universal Title program very soon as well.

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