AEW Already Getting Big Publicity On TNT

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AEW announced their television deal with TNT last week and although a start date hasn’t been confirmed for their upcoming television show it looks like Turner is all in with helping AEW succeed.

Turner has a lot riding on AEW’s success too. They have promoted them as a big deal on the network and not just another wrestling program. So they are helping out however they can.

TNT is showing the NBA playoffs. This basketball game got a dose of All Elite Wrestling as an advertisement popped up right in the middle of the game. Chris Jericho was quick to call attention to this advertisement as well while saying:

“We are everywhere. All Elite Wrestling takes over the NBA playoffs on TNT.”

Hopefully, this extra advertisement will help AEW sell some extra pay-per-views for the the Double Or Nothing show. They need to do as much as possible in order to gain interest and the NBA playoffs is not the worst place to have an ad pop up.

A small amount of fans might be complaining about the ticket price, but from what Cody said it will be worth their money — especially if they’re fans of big pryo.

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