Cody Rhodes Says AEW Double Or Nothing Will Include ‘Big Pyro’

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AEW Double Or Nothing is this Saturday and if you were a fan of the fireworks after their Jacksonville Florida rally, then you might love Double Or Nothing.

WWE doesn’t use pyro every week like they once did. It is very expensive, but fans miss it. The company still uses it for big shows like WrestleMania or when they go to Saudi Arabia, but entrances just don’t have the same pop on a weekly basis without it according to some fans.

While speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Cody Rhodes confirmed that there will be fireworks at the Double Or Nothing event.

“Yeah there is. But you say that and I don’t run a pyro company so I haven’t seen the rehearsals. Honestly, it’s got to be big pyro. Because if you do like sparklers, which are cool, if you do those it’s like meh. You want rockets, you want like the big mortar bang that scares you to death. You want the big stuff.

AEW needs to draw a lot of attention to their company and Double Or Nothing is a perfect opportunity to get that done. Therefore, it looks like we should be expecting some “big pyro” this Saturday.

Transcription thanks to Chris Van Vliet

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