The introduction of the 24/7 Championship was certainly met with a mixed response last night, and for good reason.

A lot of fans actually liked the idea behind the title, mainly because it draws so many comparisons to the Hardcore Championship. With the addition of the WWE Network it certainly feels like there’s room for a lot of creativity too, but there’s a pretty obvious problem that goes alongside all of this.

That is, of course, the belt design itself, which has been branded as ugly by many members of the WWE Universe. Despite that, it hasn’t deterred superstars from wanting to go after it.

The rules and regulations behind the championship don’t actually seem to exist, and instead, there’s a free-for-all sort of vibe that goes alongside of it. As we’ve already said that can make for a lot of fun segments, especially if unlikely champions emerge.


Members of the women’s roster winning the Hardcore Championship wasn’t exactly an unknown thing, and as such, it’d be great to see the likes of Sonya Deville follow in the footsteps of those women by trying to win the 24/7 title.

There are so many superstars that are left to do nothing of any real note on the main roster, and as such, it feels like this belt could wind up being a blessing in disguise.

Deville is one of the most intriguing characters in all of WWE today and has a great deal of potential, and she could do some really fun things with the belt.

Harry Kettle

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