Kevin Owens Informs WWE He Isn’t Working Saudi Arabia Event

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WWE’s Saudi Arabia relationship is a very controversial situation. The company is in the second of a ten-year deal with KSA that is seeing a ton of money pumped into the company for two big shows a year.

The Super ShowDown is going to rival WrestleMania according to the advertisement, and much like WrestleMania this year it looks like Kevin Owens will be missing.

Fightful reports that Kevin Owens told WWE that he doesn’t want to work the next Saudi Arabia event. This is not a big surprise seeing how close he is with Sami Zayn and KSA didn’t allow Sami Zayn to perform before because he is a Syrian Muslim.

We weren’t told a specific reason as to why Owens came to the decision, but his friend and longtime tag team partner Sami Zayn has been off of those shows because of strained relationships between Syria and Saudi Arabia

It could not be confirmed if Kevin Owens saying he didn’t want to got to Saudi Arabia has anything to do with Dolph Ziggler’s sudden return and launch into the WWE Title picture, but that assumption could be made.

WWE needs to book Kofi Kingston’s opponent at Super ShowDown and apparently, Kevin Owens didn’t want to work the show so a decision needed to be made.

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