Dolph Ziggler Returns To WWE & Destroys Kofi Kingston

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Dolph Ziggler hasn’t been around WWE much lately. He’s been working the road as a stand-up comedian, but there was nothing funny about his return to WWE this time around.

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Kofi Kingston and Sami Zayn had a great match that took each man to the limit. Then as Kofi Kingston was celebrating his win, Paul Heyman walked out.

Heyman had Brock Lesnar’s Money In The Bank briefcase and he teased opening it. Then Dolph Ziggler hit the ring in a black hoodie and started destroying the WWE Champion.

Ziggler took Kofi outside the ring and his assault continued. Kofi ended up taking a ton of punishment including Ziggler wrapping a steel chair around his head and throwing him into the announce table. Then Ziggler went back outside to stomp on Kofi’s head again.

“Paramedics” rushed to the ring with a stretcher and Kofi Kingston was led off, but he did end up walking up the ramp himself. This was a very interesting way to come back for Ziggler, but it certainly looks like Dolph Ziggler is going after Kofi Kingston and his WWE Championship and he needed to make a very powerful message.

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