WWE’s ratings are in trouble, but Vince McMahon apparently had an answer. He invented the Wild Card Rule on the morning before he announced that four RAW and SmackDown Superstars can jump brands each week. Now it looks like a title is a part of the package.

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Fans didn’t know what to expect when it was announced during Money In The Bank that Mick Foley would be announcing a brand new title. Fans had no idea what they were in for, but they wouldn’t have to wait long to find out.

Mick Foley showed up with his best shamrock t-shirt on and plaid button-up shirt. He addressed the new title and said there’s been something missing from RAW and it’s time to revisit those vital letters R-A-W. Then he said “let’s make Monday nights RAW again.”

After a scramble to get to the title, Titus O’Neil became the first 24/7 Champion. Then Robert Roode snuck up and stole a pinfall on the ramp to claim the championship next.

So Robert Roode is the current 24/7 Champion… for now, but that’s likely to change a lot throughout any given night.

As he spoke, he didn’t realize that he was accidentally revealing part of the title he held in his hand. Foley said that legends are born 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Then he revealed the new 24/7 Title.

This received a rather… meh response and we can only imagine how many fans will have an outstanding opinion of this one. The Albany crowd didn’t seem to love it at all.

Falls will count anywhere 24/7. So he laid the title down and said that the 3rd hour of RAW every week is about to get “down right mean and nasty… a little bit dirty.” Then he said that starting right here and now they are going to crown the first 24/7 champion with a scramble.

Foley said that this title is open to RAW, SmackDown, 205 Live, NXT, NXT UK, and possibly an incoming legend as well.

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