Kayla Braxton almost found herself in a very scary situation yesterday. Someone got out of their car at the airport and made attempts to abduct her while claiming to be her Uber driver. Thankfully, she was smart enough to avoid being taken.

Braxton explained to fans that this guy got out of his car and tried to convince her that he was her Uber driver. She didn’t buy it, but he kept persisting. Kayla has a “friend of a friend” who fell for this same trick and she ended up “jumping out at a stoplight” to avoid an even scarier situation. So Kayla knew what was up and was able to know to say “no.”

The WWE announcer might have focused on the image that Ringside News used, (she was definitely talking about the article we wrote), but it is important to note that the image was only there to illustrate the potential severity of the situation which Kayla Braxton was able to avoid.

Hi everyone – I appreciate all the concern – but one of these wrestling articles posted an photo of someone actually getting abducted misleading people into thinking that was me. It is not. I was never grabbed or almost abducted. A man got out of his car and tried convincing me he was my Uber driver – and followed me telling me he could take me where I needed to go, again because he was my Uber.


A friend of a friend fell for this and found herself jumping out at a stoplight so thankfully I remembered that story and avoided the situation. If I had If I had not been paying attention or wasn’t alert to that situation, it could have been me. I hope no other woman fell for that yesterday. Anyway to clear things up – I was not almost abducted because I steered clear. Articles need to stop being so misleading and dramatic.

The fact is that this attempt from the phony Uber driver does qualify as being “almost abducted” because if this guy would have succeeded then there would have been a much different article to write that we would never want to hear.

Thankfully, Kayla Braxton didn’t fall for this guy’s trick, but she was one degree of separation from carrying on with her day and being wherever that guy wanted to take her.

The situation wasn’t made to be dramatic because the story was indeed that potentially serious.

We are very happy that Kayla Braxton was able to avoid this situation because she is honestly one of our favorites. There is a reason why she is now on national television on a full-time basis. It would have been heartbreaking if something like that happened to her or anyone else.

We also hope, as does Kayla Braxton that nobody else fell for this phony Uber driver’s trick yesterday or on any other day.

So please take Braxton’s story into consideration the next time you’re on a trip. Because you never know what someone’s intentions really are.

Felix Upton

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