E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness Recap w/ Titus O’Neil – AEW’s New TV Deal, MITB PPV Predictions, O’Neil’s Talk With Lars Sullivan, More!

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Edge opens today’s show talking about his recent Twitter feud with Becky Lynch. He says that he put Lynch over on television once with a promo that he wrote on his own, so he wasn’t about to put her over a second time. He notes that Lynch shouldn’t have poked the bear.

Edge and Christian both say that AEW’s new television deal with TNT is huge news. Edge notes that it’ll be interesting to see what numbers they do ratings wise. He hopes it does well, but he also hopes TNT gives it a chance to grow since it’s typically tough for new shows to draw new audiences.

Christian points out that AEW has the luxury of not having to worry about money, which is a huge bonus. This will give AEW a lot of leeway in terms of working out any potential kinks in production. Edge thinks it’s a very exciting time for the business and he can’t wait to watch the new show.

Edge notes that there has been some online backlash regarding The Kabuki Warriors name. He says it reminds him of The Viking Experience, adding that WWE is pretty “on the nose” with some of their names here lately. Christian jokes that maybe he and Edge should have called themselves “The Brood Experience” back in the day.

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