AEW Not Getting Paid To Air Show On TNT

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AEW’s TNT deal is a huge announcement that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It could provide another outlet for pro wrestling and a lot of people have all the right to be very excited. Ringside News can’t wait to cover everything that is about to go down, however, their new deal included no rights fees.

This means that AEW isn’t getting paid just to air their show. They are making money from the advertising though. It isn’t a bad thing, it is just something to note. It also take a lot of the gamble away from TNT.

John McMullen noted that AEW getting no rights fees doesn’t mean that they don’t have a great deal. Because they certainly do. It just means that they haven’t built up the brand clout enough yet in order to require the up front money for programming.

Context of #AEWonTNT AEW TV Deal — Platform is amazing and this is an unprecedented deal for a start-up. Confirmed from a source on the television side there are no rights fees but as we have been saying here for weeks that should not have been expected. It’s being treated like a sports property so production fees are there and a “great” advertising split for AEW.

Remember, it took @VinceMcMahon nearly 20 years of producing highly-rated television before he got a somewhatsignificant rights deal. from Viacom at the turn of the century.

The monster deal took over 35 years. TNA/Impact once had Hulk Hogan, Sting and Randy Savage and couldn’t get this kind of platform. It’s an amazing deal that those in @AEWrestling are ecstatic about. If it comes across as flat to some that’s because they were expecting rights fees due to some shoddy reporting. Right now #AEW is set up like old #WWE where PPV numbers and advertising will be significantto growth. #WWE remains idiot-proof because of TV deal.

AEW is just starting up. Their first actual event isn’t even until May 25th so a deal with TNT is still amazing for a company in their position. Just because they aren’t getting money from this doesn’t mean they won’t be profitable. There is a “great” advertising split, after all.

They are also aware that money will be lost at first. Let’s just hope that AEW doesn’t lose more than the Khan Family is willing to let go of for Tony’s professional wrestling passion project.

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