WWE makes a lot of booking decisions every week. They have five hours of current main roster programming to plan out all of the time. However, those plans often change.

Just to prove the point that plans change all of the time in WWE, Bryan Alvarez sent out a request to his Wrestling Observer Live audience looking for an answer. He wanted to know the exact percentage of how many times WWE promoted a match versus when they actually delivered that contest.

Needless to say, the results were somewhat staggering.

“This is from April 2018 to April 2019, over one year. For this WWE did a total of 237 announcement on their social media for both Raw and SmackDown. Out of those 237 announcements only 95 of them took place. Others were either entirely canceled or modified.”


That is a pretty shocking statistic which comes to a 40% delivery rate. If you hired someone to mow your lawn and they only delivered 40% of the time you might have to find someone else to mow your yard.

Plans do change on a constant basis and this is just even more proof for that. It is getting practically impossible to know what is next because of this, but where some instances of unpredictability might make things more exciting it seems to have the opposite effect in WWE.

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