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It is time to get a little closer to Money In The Bank and see what the blue brand does this week. There are several on-going stories that will hopefully be worth tuning in for.

Becky Lynch is facing Charlotte Flair at Money In The Bank, but tonight she will be taking on Bayley. It will be interesting to see The Man vs The Hugger as they haven’t squared off since their NXT days in a one-on-one contest.

We will find out who will represent the blue brand in the Money In The Bank ladder matches too. Things could be fun and we might get a couple of matches out of it like we did on RAW.

Roman Reigns will be looking to seek revenge on Elias and possibly Shane McMahon as well. After all, Reigns vs Elias is set for Money In The Bank which likely means neither of those guys will be in the ladder match.

Kofi Kingston isn’t very happy with Kevin Owens at all either after KO turned on Kofi last week. Now it looks like Kofi will have his target set on KO this week. A MITB title match could likely be the end result of tonight’s encounter too.

Opening Segment

Michael Cole was in the ring and he introduced Kofi Kingston who came out alone. Michael Cole introduced a video of Kofi’s road to KofiMania in case we forgot how he became WWE Champion.

Kofi said he’s learned in the past 11 years that he’ll have highs and lows, but you have to keep pushing and fighting. He’s glad that he pushed through. He’s proud that he could do it standing next to Big E and Xavier Woods.

He said it’s still surreal that he got to have his kids in the ring at WrestleMania. He also said that it’s the greatest moment in his life other than his marriage and the birth of his kids.

Then Michael Cole brought up how Kevin Owens turned on him. Kofi said that the New Day believes in giving people “second chances if they’re willing to change.” That was VERY interesting verbiage seeing how Big E and Hulk Hogan recently made amends.

Then they booked a WWE Title match at Money In The Bank. Kevin said that Kofi isn’t championship material and then Xavier Woods jumped him from behind. Owens got the upper hand and hurt Woods. Then Kofi Kingston went to help Woods up.

Later on, Kofi was backstage with Woods as Xavier iced his shoulder down. Kofi kept reminding Xavier that he has a family and he needs to stay out of this.

Becky Lynch vs Bayley

Greg Hamilton gave Becky Lynch a very long intro reminding fans that she made history in the Mania main event. That seemed very forced and they don’t need to do that in order to remind people who Becky Lynch is and why they should cheer for The Man.

Becky and Bayley were pretty much move for move as they felt each other out. Then Bayley took control as she rocked Lynch with a couple stiff knees after Lynch “tweaked” her knee. Bayley stayed on her until she missed another running knee and then Lynch climbed on top and hit a dropkick for a two count.

Then The Man gained control for a bit until Bayley countered a clothesline with one of her own and they took each other out. Lynch kicked out of a roll-up pin and then Bayley nailed a suplex and climbed up top to nail an elbow drop as Lynch got her knees up.

Lynch locked on the Dis Arm Her and Bayley tapped.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Charlotte jumped Becky after the match and launched Bayley out of the ring via smashing against the ring post. Then Charlotte posed for the Columbus crowd.

Jeff Hardy Announcement

The Hardy Boyz said Jeff was hurt so they were relinquishing the titles. They blamed Lars Sullivan for Jeff’s injury and then Sullivan came down and launched Matt out of the ring.

Lars went for Jeff, but Matt headed Lars off only to eat a Freak Accident. Jeff Hardy had his crutch and then R-Truth jumped in with a chair and hit Lars. He went for another swing, but Sullivan punched the chair out of his hands before destroying R-Truth.

Jeff was able to get out of the ring without taking any damage.

Kairi Sane & Asuka vs Enhancement Talent

This match was all about The IIconics on commentary. They really are entertaining. The action in the ring was a pretty apparent squash match by Paige’s new tag team.

Winners: Asuka & Kairi Sane

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose were watching backstage and Rose said she’s excited because they are in the MITB ladder match, but just one of them. Mandy said it should be Deville in the match. Then Sonya said Mandy should be in the match. Then they hugged.

Roman Reigns Promo Time

Reigns started cutting a promo. Then Shane came out and started talking down to Roman. Reigns said that Shane’s daddy owns the land and not him. Then Shane called Vince a “national treasure.”

Shane introduced the B-Team and they came out to make their SmackDown debut. Oh, and Elias is the special enforcer.

B-Team vs Roman Reigns

This is a handicap match to boot.

Bo Dallas and Roman wrestled around and Curtis distracted Reigns so Bo could hit him from behind and tag in Axel who hit a DDT.

It didn’t take long for Reigns to comeback as he took out Curtis and hit a Samoan Drop to Bo Dallas. Axel hit Roman from behind while Elias distracted the referee. Then the B-Team laid the boots to Roman on the outside.

Elias took down Roman Reigns and continued the advantage against The Big Dog. Roman ended up mounting a comeback, but Elias roughed Roman up. He rolled Roman in and Axel his the Perfectplex for a two count that Elias counted.

Then Elias got his guitar from the timekeeper’s area. Roman hit Elias with a Superman Punch and Axel with a spear for the win.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Then they played another amazing Firefly Fun House segment.

ALI & Finn Balor vs Andrade & Randy Orton

Orton and ALI wrestled around for a bit and then they each tagged their partners. Finn Balor was fired up and he knocked RKO out of the ring and worked fast against Andrade.

Balor knocked Andrade off the top turnbuckle to the floor and then he and ALI hit dueling dives to the opposite sides of the ring on Andrade and Orton. Then Andrade took control and hit his running knees on Balor for a two count.

Then Balor hit a slingblade on Andrade and tagged in ALI who hit a 450 for the win.

Winners: Balor and Ali

Orton hit Balor with an RKO and then ALI rand Orton off.

Kevin Owens Show

Owens was very confident that he will take the WWE Title from Kofi Kingston at Money In The Bank. Then he brought out Xavier Woods because he was tired of talking about Kofi Kingston.

He invited Woods out, but he didn’t come out. Then Owens pulled out an Xavier Woods action figure out of his pocket. He called the action figure one of the many pieces of crap they’re put out in merchandise with the New Day.

Then Owens pulled out a Big E action figure with a bandaged up leg. The crowd did not care what was going on. Owens said the figures are just pieces of trash and he kicked the stool down that he sat the figures on.

Then Kofi came out and he rushed the ring. The fought and Kofi took control as he nailed some mounted punches. Then Kevin left the ring. Kofi jumped from the apron onto Owens and continued the assault.

The crowd started to get into to it a lot more as Owens took a beatdown. Then KO poked Kofi in the eyes and he got away.

The end of SmackDown this week saw Owens leaving through the crowd as Kofi stood in the ring yelling “This is what you wanted! This is all you! What?!”

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