WWE didn’t have the best 1st quarter financial report as they saw a pretty significant loss. It was certainly enough to be noticeable for the stockholders because WWE’s stock was just over $100 yesterday which was a company record. Things changed a lot when that report dropped because so did WWE’s value in the stock market.

It looks like Vince McMahon blaming absent Superstars on WWE’s poor earnings didn’t help things much for his company. Because as of this writing WWE stock is around $85 dollars, $85.17 to be exact. That is a big drop and could really do a lot of damage for stockholders’ faith in the company.

That 13.37% drop is quite staggering. You can check out a couple graphs from this morning showing the steep decline take place.

Here’s an instant update for you. In the course of writing this article and getting that neat graphic together the stock dropped even more. Now they are at a loss of 14.32% which is very impressive. So we’ve decided to keep watching this for a bit and see how low it can go.

The stock dropped again to $84.17 which is now exactly one dollar lower than it was when we first grabbed a shot of the stock graph for this article. Now they’re looking at a 14.55% drop and another all-time record for the company.

The McMahons might be able to spin a lot, but there’s no faking those numbers.

For the record, the company’s biggest one day drop in history was 12.8% October 15th, 2015. So congratulations WWE for making history again and again today.

Harry Kettle

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