Daniel Bryan is beloved by millions even when he is telling them that they are responsible for killing the planet. However, The Bearded GOAT seems to be injured and at this stage in his career a concussion might be a “one and done” situation. We are not confirming anything concerning the nature of his injury because information has been tightly sealed, but it might be a good idea to brace ourselves for the worst as we continue to hope for the best.

Mike Johnson noted on PW Insider that Daniel Bryan is injured and the details surrounding that injury are being closely guarded. This is why he hasn’t been seen since WrestleMania 35.

Bryan Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Radio yesterday that he had an opinion on the Daniel Bryan situation, but he wasn’t going to let it out just yet. He seemed to let on like he knew something further on the matter as he said that he is angry about what happened. However, instead of discussing it further he simply said that he will wait for the news to break before he comments.

When a Superstar is injured and WWE continues to no-sell questions regarding this injury it’s generally not a good sign.

There are currently rumors going around that WWE injuries get out quickly if they’re bad enough. Since nobody is hearing about Daniel Bryan then it must not be a big deal. However, the idea of news getting out is only dependent on those around the situation. If the chain of information is tight enough then we might not ever hear about it until they want the information to be released.

The nature of Daniel Bryan’s injuries that caused his first retirement from pro wrestling weren’t fully disclosed until he told us about them during his retirement speech. Therefore, it is highly plausible that whatever is wrong with Daniel Bryan is not going to get out until he intends on telling people.

We will have to wait and see as we keep our fingers crossed. Hopefully, Daniel Bryan is okay and can continue wrestling, but this recent situation doesn’t sound good.

Felix Upton

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