WWE likes to maintain ownership of the names of their Superstars even if they go as their actual names. The Viking Experience debuted on RAW this week as part of the Superstar Shake-Up and plenty of fans are still wondering why Vince McMahon changed their name from the War Raiders.

Mike Johnson expanded on this during PW Insider Elite audio. He explained that WWE likes to own their names so the Viking Experience was unique enough for them to trademark. There also could have been an issue with the word “WAR” being a part of their Superstar’s name.

“I don’t think they’ll let the [The Viking Experience] go as physically all-out as they usually do [in NXT].”

“I don’t understand the name change unless it was ‘We can’t have something with war in it on the main roster.’ Like that’s the only excuse.”

“The Vikings would be a very standard commonplace name. They need something unique that they can trademark. That’s not the way the company works, they like to have unique things.”

The Viking Experience is a very unique name. We have to hand it to Vince McMahon on that one. However, it still might not help fans who are still upset about the fact that the NXT Tag Team Champions are now known as the Viking Experience.

Some fans have written into us saying that Ember Moon is known as the “War Goddess.” This is true, but WWE isn’t putting that particular phrase on merchandise nor are they promoting that as her primary name. It won’t stop fans from chanting “WAR” at the Viking Experience which hopefully will continue to illustrate a real connection with a fan base who remembers Hanson and Rowe instead of Ivar and Erik.

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