Lana On Her Love/Hate Relationship With WWE Fans

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Lana’s WWE career has been a very interesting one to say the least. She has been met with love from fans as part of Rusev Day and other times they don’t appreciate her talents very much at all. This was certainly noticed by The Ravishing Russian.

While speaking to the 411 Podcast, Lana discussed her love/hate relationship with the fans. The fans love to boo and cheer Lana from one moment to the next, but she loves performing for them regardless.

“Oh gosh, that’s such a hard question. I mean, I love WWE so much, there’s no greater thing in the world that I love than the WWE Universe. We have a love/hate relationship, but at least they feel passionate about me. Love me one second, boo me the next, but at least we’re passionately feeling an emotion towards each other. And that’s what I love about the WWE Universe, they feel something strongly toward me and I’m very very thankful for that. I love it, there’s nothing more in the world that I love than performing in front of the WWE Universe.”

“So I would like to do it as long as I can. As long as they’ll have me… I love it. I mean, I absolutely — there’s no adrenaline rush you have [like] when I walk out of that curtain. And I’m either wrestling or talking on the microphone, and I truly, truly love that. And

It is good that Lana can take the boos with the cheers because that is her job. She is also featured on Total Divas so her social media timeline has to be interesting when those episodes air as well.

Thanks to 411 for the quote

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