Becky Lynch Suggests Lacey Evans Is Ric Flair’s Illegitimate Child

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Becky Lynch is pretty quick with her words and she can also put two and two together when needed. She recently had a run-in with Lacey Evans and it looks like this will continue as Evans won a chance to face The Man for her RAW Women’s Title.

Lacey Evans is the Lady Of WWE and loves to proclaim how she is the classiest on the roster. She is also a blonde who does a moonsault and Becky Lynch just faced Charlotte Flair who matches both of those features. This is why The Man insinuated that The Nature Boy might have paid Lacey Evans’ mother a visit.

Tall, blonde, does a moonsault, tells me to bow, is from the Carolinas. Might be time to ask Momma Evans if Ric was Naitching around there before you were born, you plank.

We might want to call Maury Povich for this one. Because Lacey Evans and Charlotte Flair do share a lot of the same features. Whether or not The Lady and The Queen are actually related, they’re close enough to Becky Lynch.

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