Seth Rollins Leaves The Door Wide Open For A Shield Reunion

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The Shield is set to break up and their final match as a trio will air live on the WWE Network this Sunday. This is going to be a historic event, but it might not be the last time we’ll be seeing The Hounds Of Justice as a trio.

Roman Reigns is now on SmackDown Live with Seth Rollins on RAW. Also, Dean Ambrose is leaving the company. However, when Rollins promoted this big match, he seemed to leave the door wide open for another Shield reunion down the line as he said it will be their end “for a while.”

I’m pretty stoked about this weekend. Taking the black one more time with my boys…and in my own backyard. We’ve had a lot of “lasts” lately, I know, but I promise this really is the end for a while. #WWEStLouis #WWESpringfield #WWEMoline #ShieldsFinalChapter

Vince McMahon owns the rights to The Shield. So he could essentially put any three Superstars in flak jackets and call themselves The Hounds Of Justice if he wants.

However, there will only be three original members in Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose. Let’s just see what Dean Ambrose’s next move might be because if he signs with another company that could cast even more doubt that we’ll see another Shield reunion anytime soon.

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