WWE Possibly Nixes Dangerous Lars Sullivan Move

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Lars Sullivan made his big Raw debut after WrestleMania last week to take out Kurt Angle with a Freak Accident. Then he capped off the assault with a diving headbutt. This move brought a ton of controversy and people didn’t like seeing it.

Diving headbutts have been limited for a while in WWE. They let Daniel Bryan do it for years and he ended up having to take a retirement hiatus due to concussions. If you add in the fact that a lot of people contribute that move to Chris Benoit’s CTE then it really makes it a move that WWE shouldn’t be letting their Superstars do.

Dave Meltzer mentioned on Wrestling Observer Radio that since Sullivan didn’t do the diving headbutt this week on Raw in his assault on Rey Mysterio, then maybe they listened to fans and critics for once and pulled that move from Sullivan’s arsenal.

“The key here is that he did not do the diving headbutt. So maybe after a week of people saying the guys’ too big he’s gonna end up hurt [they pulled it]… we’ll have to see next week on Raw.”

Only time will tell if WWE will keep Lars Sullivan from doing that incredibly dangerous move, but it could have just been a one-week deal. The fact is that Sullivan can do a diving headbutt so it wouldn’t be a total shocker to see him still bust it out every now and then unless WWE really used some common sense and nixed the move altogether.

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