WWE Botched Big Surprise For RAW Live Crowd During Superstar Shake-Up

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WWE’s Superstar Shake-Up is always an exciting time, especially for fans in attendance because they get to see history being made. However, one big surprise was actually spoiled for the fans in Montreal.

The Usos made their red team debut this week and made quick work of Bobby Roode and Chad Gable. They got a big pop from the live crowd, but the cheers could have been louder if WWE didn’t spoil their entrance.

Fans who were live in the building have written into Ringside News informing us that WWE actually showed The Usos’ entrance video during the promo that Roode and Gable cut before their big reveal. It was just a freeze-frame from the start of the video, but it was certainly enough to tip any fan off who saw the big screen.

Therefore, if The Usos appearing on RAW didn’t get the huge pop you might expect, that could have been a reason why. Fans were still plenty excited to see Jimmy and Jey though so it didn’t really do much damage to their pop. However, this was a pretty noticeable botch on production’s part.


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