Popular Feud Possibly Ended Due To WWE Superstar Shake-Up

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The WWE Superstar Shake-Up is done when it comes to the first day and the RAW brand saw 15 Superstars making a jump over to the red team. The Miz was one of those people and this likely means that his rivalry with Shane McMahon was ended.

It was interesting how they brought Shane McMahon to RAW, and you never know what WWE is thinking when it comes to long-term booking, but Bryan Alvarez spoke about this booking decision on Figure Four Daily where he brought up the fact that Miz vs Shane is likely over.

“Miz is a babyface and Miz is now on RAW. Shane is a heel. Shane, by the way is the GM of SmackDown it would appear to me by watching this that this feud is over. They did the turn and they did the match at WrestleMania and Shane got the win and […] Miz suplexed Shane off the whatever you call it, but then Shane was on top so Miz was the one who ended up getting pinned. It seemed like it was a build-up to another match, but unless Shane’s going to go from brand to brand if Shane is on SmackDown and Miz is on Raw, I mean that’s it for the feud, right? It’s WWE nothing is certain.”

We will have to see what is next for The Miz on RAW. He was brought over to the red team after just departing a year ago. Now he will have to start something else as a babyface, but it might not have anything to do with Shane McMahon.

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