Sexy Star Claims She Started WWE Women’s Evolution

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Sexy Star recently spoke to The Roman Show where she took a ton of credit for something that went on in a company she never worked for.

Star claimed that after winning the Lucha Underground Title it sparked the Women’s Evolution in WWE. She is obviously very proud of her achievement in Lucha Underground because it was a highlight of her career. Now she is open to helping WWE out in what she claims to have sparked.

“I personally think that yes. WWE took notice. I am proud that they gave me that opportunity as a woman, as a Mexican and as a warrior. I felt they (WWE) found out that that had a big buzz all over the world. I think it inspired them to act.”

“I would love to join WWE. I am open.”

“Can you imagine me versus Ronda Rousey in the WWE or the cage?”

These comments have already caused plenty of outrage from fans. Other wrestlers have also commented on her remarks as well like Tessa Blanchard and Paige.

She might not have sparked the WWE Women’s Evolution in a lot of people’s opinions, but there might be a section of the IWC that will agree with her, right?


Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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