Ricochet Reveals How His Relationship With Kacy Catanzaro Started

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Ricochet and Kacy Catanzaro are one of WWE’s couples that have been able to make it work. The two haven’t been dating for as long as other WWE couples, but their relationship has become a focal point of many viral videos and fans love seeing them together.

During a recent video from the WWE Performance Center, Ricochet discussed his relationship with Catanzaro and how they met. Not only did she impress him in the ring, but she also won him over in another big way.

“We actually came in the exact same class and started the same day. She was always so nice and kind, and helpful to everybody in any way that she could be, and that was something that I had always admired about her.”

“On top of that, as far as the physical part of the wrestling, she got that part so quick and is just so fun to see in the ring. I feel like, not only me, but everyone is drawn to her because she has this personality that you can’t ignore. It’s awesome.”

“We have been together going on a couple of months, about four months. Funny story, when I was telling my brother and his girlfriend that I was dating Kacy, and that she was thinking about coming down for Christmas-time she was going to come down for a couple of days, he was getting really happy and excited and getting all giddy.”

“I’m like, man, why are you getting all giddy for? He goes, ‘I never met anyone famous before.’ I go, what do you mean? My family, even before me and her knew each other they watched America Ninja Warrior for years now so they knew all about her and were really excited to meet her.”

Those two have a great time training together and even though The One And Only might be on the road more often, Kacy can still see her man on television. After the Superstar Shake-Up next week she might only see him on one main roster show, but that only means that he will have less traveling which might work out very well for them.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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