Lio Rush Is Taking Over The Pancake Game During Big E’s Injury

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Big E messed up his knee and now he will need surgery. No time table was revealed concerning his return, but the WWE Universe will certainly miss his hip swiveling and pancake throwing in the meantime.

Lio Rush obvious realizes that Big E is out of commission, but he’s still up for a challenge. This is why Rush laid down an opportunity for Big E to face him in a pancake eating contest.

“This right here is a special message to Big E. I heard that he’s out of action so The Man Of The Hour is here to take over.”

Then Lio Rush ate a few pancakes. He issued a challenge to Big E to take him on in a pancake eating competition. Maybe Big E will accept, but there’s a pretty good chance he will come up with some kind of a retort in the meantime because Big E has been on fire with the funny replies since his injury announcement.

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