RVD Reveals Percentage Of Matches He Worked In ECW & WWE High On Marijuana

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RVD has been an advocate for marijuana for decades and now that the stigma of the medicine is wearing off, he can speak openly about it in a big way.

While hanging out with Chris Van Vliet, RVD admitted that back in ECW he was high on marijuana for 100% of his matches. Then he disclosed that after that which included his WWE run it went down to about 90%. That is still a pretty good majority of the time.

“I’m going to say 100%. After that from 2001 all the way to my last run in 2014 in which case I would say it was much, much lower more like maybe 90% of the time.”

The Whole F’n Show was asked if being high on marijuana made him dangerous in the ring. It is different for him because he uses it all the time. However, he probably wouldn’t suggest someone who never smokes marijuana to go out and try it because they might not see the same success.

“I don’t know. Back in the day I know there would be certain people that would put together the fact that I would hurt a lot of people and the fact that I was stoned. When I was in the competitive state of mind, I would be offended by that like ‘Screw you! You’re saying something about me and my skills. I can do this with my eyes closed!’ My ego would take over like that. But looking back at it, I don’t think so, but I definitely think they had an argument that was worth considering. But when you use it all the time it doesn’t affect you the way it affects other people.”

RVD recently signed a new deal with Impact Wrestling. It is a safe bet that they don’t care what RVD is smoking as long as he can get out there and help draw in fans who want to see Mr. Friday Night perform once again.

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