Conor McGregor is Notorious for a lot of reasons. Him teasing a WWE run might just be a clever way to get more money out of his next MMA fight, but Vince McMahon’s company certainly has the ability to bring him in if he’s willing to work.

Dave Meltzer discussed Conor McGregor possibly coming to WWE during Wrestling Observer Radio. For those who think that money is an issue, it really isn’t with WWE anymore because they have a ton of it and more is on the way. His past behavior and arrest record isn’t going to be an issue either because a name like his will get a pass. It really boils down to what kind of a deal McGregor and WWE can figure out.

“Whatever standards WWE has for their talent or for people that they would hire when it comes to Conor they’re just gonna be ‘Whatever.'”

“I don’t know if they’re gonna spend the money that he’s gonna want. I mean the last time they wanted him a couple years ago for WrestleMania and you know they weren’t even close on money. Maybe you know, who know? They’ve got more money […] and maybe he wants to do it whereas before […] I think it would really difficult because when you’re making that kind of money your price is really high, but I think they’re more willing to pay his price now that they’ve got a lot of money. Whereas before it was kind of like fiscal responsibility now there is no fiscal responsibility it’s like if they want him… it’s like the Japanese when they got Floyd [Mayweather] it made no sense at all, but they wanted Floyd.”

We will have to wait and see if Conor McGregor and WWE can come to some sort of an agreement. He has certainly been teasing WWE in a big way and Stephanie McMahon answered him right back.

If his public image is an issue then WWE might be a fantastic place for him because of all the charity and Make-A-Wish events they do. Notorious might seem a lot different to middle America if he was seen hugging some kinds in publicity photos during WrestleMania weekend instead of a new video popping up showing him destroying some dude’s cell phone.

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