WWE Superstars do whatever Vince McMahon tells them to. They show up when they are scheduled and work the angles given to them. With the Superstar Shake-Up coming around next week it adds even more unpredictability.

Dave Meltzer noted during Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE Superstars don’t know which brand they will end up on after the Superstar Shake-Up is over. This is nothing new, but it is certainly frustrating for Superstars who are trying to figure out their personal plans.

“Literally nobody knows… I talked to a couple guys today and they don’t know where they’re going next week. Nobody knows and that’s not unusual, that happens every year.”

WWE likes to get authentic reactions from Superstars during Shake-Ups. This adds to the presentation of the program. It is rather interesting that they wouldn’t let people know for this reason when they rely on their acting skills every week to make angles look genuine, but that is WWE’s way.

Now Superstars don’t know if they will be home on Fridays when October rolls around due to SmackDown’s Fox move. It could certainly cause some problems being home for important events. We will have to wait and see what happens, but another reason why WWE isn’t telling people could always be because Vince McMahon simply hasn’t figured it out yet.

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